Jun 26

Biomass – How The Strategy Can Work For You

How does biomass work? | Sustainability

Biomass video.

Biomass energy consists in using organic material as an energy source. This organic material can be natural, residual sub-product or waste from agricultural or livestock activities or resulting from energy crops.

Advantages of using biomass energy are that it is 100% Renewable. It reduces the use of fossil fuels, helping to reduce carbon footprint. It creates employment and development in rural areas. The materials from other activities are reused, which results in recycling and waste elimination. It also decreases external dependency on the supply of fuel. [Published on Nov 28, 2014.]

Video Comments:

Nick Sampson commented 2 months ago
It is a good video but I would recommend not recording underwater next time as it make the video seem amateurish.

Andrés Rodríguez (Andriesis) commented 1 year ago
I really did enjoy this video and the voice gave it a nice and memberable tone and all of your drawings helped a hell of a lot. I truly did appreciate your work. Thank you very much for this enlightenment.

The Zephanator commented 1 year ago
Who is doing this for homework ? I just though I would ask the question but I don’t expect an answer.

TheZévanator AZ3 commented 3 months ago
A very very sexy man. I am really attracted to the voice on this video but then again I am a nutter.

Trickster Agar commented 3 months ago
Very informative but the vocal performance was absolutely appalling. Get a robot or someone who speaks american english.

Daniel Norris1 commented 1 year ago
That voice is sooo annoying that I couldn’t watch the whole biomass video. It was creepy!

Trickster Agar commented 3 months ago
Well said Daniel Norris. I felt the same way hearing the biomass murderer!